Is this legal?

There is a delicate balance between the Constitutional rights of students and a local school administration’s guidelines. Campus Life recognizes the tough task educators face on a daily basis and we seek to make each campus a better place for students to learn and develop as productive members of society.


  • We are committed to student-led groups that engage the entire student body to participate in social justice projects such as food drives for the underprivileged in our community, collection of coats and blankets for our area’s homeless population and raising funds to assist those around the world who are trapped in the abominable crime of human trafficking.
  • Our adult leaders function as coaches to the student leaders who work together with local school administrators on projects and events.
  • Faculty sponsors of Campus Life Clubs are required to attend any gathering on school property. They also serve as monitors to ensure safety and the club’s full compliance with the administration’s guidelines. In accordance with the decisions of the United States Supreme Court, school faculty members remain non-participants in club activities while students are free to express their religious faith.

If you would like more information on the consitutionality of these activities, please visit the American Center for Law and Justice's webpage for excellent articles on this topic.